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For years I've had this dream of inspiring people through my songwriting and performance. I can't imagine a better way for me to help create positive change in the world.

I'm thrilled that you've found my fan club  and are interested in joining our family of those who are passionate about and inspired by my music. As a subscriber, you'll get access to unreleased content, videos that aren't publicly available, live recordings, outtakes, and new songs that are currently unfinished, as well as exclusive content that I develop for my most passionate fans.

By subscribing, you're helping support some of the more expensive endeavors I intend to pursue with my art, such as recording in the studio, working with professional session musicians, mastering, shooting music videos and more. You're also helping to free my time up to devote more time to my craft, but more on this later.

I look forward to giving you exclusive access to what makes me tick. See you inside!